Our Vision & Objective


The Franciscan vision of education is to spread the love of God in the heart of all people, in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, by imparting the values of human dignity, brotherhood, equality.


“For God and Country” is the motto of Mount Assisi School. Our constant endeavour is to ingrain the values of “Service before Self” and to inculcate the importance of duty to fellow beings before expecting their rights. The Franciscan Society aims at the integral development of the whole person, enlightened leadership, social responsibility and commitment to nation building. Over the years, it has built its own image, culture and ethos. It has excelled in the field of education and has striven to produce dynamic and socially useful citizens for our country respecting all castes, creeds and religions and above all upholding the core value of human dignity in the name of God and Country.