The medium of instruction is English but special emphasis is given to Hindi-the national language together with Sanskrit, History, Geography, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Training, Computer Application, Commercial Application, Hindustani Music, Economics, Fine Arts, Martial Arts, Environmental Science etc. The school has well-equipped libraries and laboratories for Science, language, and computer to allow the pupils to develop and evolve their innate talents and keep abreast with modern education from the very beginning. Through sports, games, various activity clubs and hobbies the latent potentialities are discovered, encouraged and fine tuned.

The school lays a great deal of stress on character formation and development of spiritual and ethical values which are imparted regularly to students through the teaching of Moral Science. The Social Service League (S.S. L.) actively encourages students to help generating the spirit of “Service to Humankind”. The School is privileged to have a unit of N.C.C. and the students of Cls. VIII and IX are obliged to attend its programme.


Clubs & Hobbies

Human resource development is an integral part of school curriculum. Various platforms are set up for the pupil to develop the latent potentialities so as to make a way for their creativity to shape through various clubs such as Nature club, Music Club, interactive Club, Science Club, Rhetoric Club, etc.
Model United Nations, an educational simulation of the United Nations was introduced in Mount Assisi in the year 2015 in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations.
Mount Assisi also provides an environment for moulding in fine arts, quiz, philately etc., which refines and hones the latent talents of its young pupils and immensely enhances their personality.