Examination & Promotion

Examination & Promotion

There are two/three major examinations in a year, i.e., Quarterly/ Half Yearly and Final, besides regular class tests. The pass mark is 40%.

Promotion is given on the basis of one year’s work and not merely on marks scored in the final exams. Every student must be present for all the major exams. The average of these is taken at the end of the year. Total aggregate of 40% in each subject is a precondition for promotion. Class work and home work are also assessed and awarded.

Each student is required to be present for 90 % of school days as a pre-condition for promotion and to appear for the ICSE/ISC examination.

There shall be neither re-test nor re-exam for those who missed it.

The results declared at the end of the year is final and cannot be reconsidered. In all questions of promotion or failure the principal’s decision is final.

Grades, and not ranks, are given to the children after each examination. No grade will be given if a child has failed or absented in any subject.

Anyone who resorts to unfair means in the examinations will be dismissed instantly.

(a) Concession is granted only to those with impeccable character and pass in all subjects.

(b) The jurisdiction over the admission documents evaluated answer scripts and other works done by the students lie within the purview of the school and therefore an outside person or an authority has no jurisdiction to check, scrutinize or claim back the documents, answer scripts or any work done by the students. Answer scripts are retained in the school only for a month after publishing the results. Answer scripts of the annual examination is not shown to the parents / students.