Mount Assisi is proud of its alumni who have excelled in various fields doing immense service to the society in administration, medicine, engineering, business and various other streams of creative pursuits in India and abroad. They make their alma mater proud by influencing others with Franciscan ethos, rendering quality service to the society and challenging their juniors to better their academic record and pursuits.

The Future

Mount Assisi staunchly believes in the integral development of the whole person firmly rooted in values with impeccable character. We envisage a new society where men and women are not only highly educated, qualified, skilled and above all worthwhile citizens enabling the motherland to attain greater heights of glory but also as proud vanguards of prosperity and integrity who will stand against the vicious agents of unjust and corrupt practices in the society. We leave no stones unturned to inculcate a sense of duty and responsibility based on the ideals of peace, love, brotherhood, respect and joy blending the wisdom of the past with the knowledge of the present for a glorious future in the service of “God and Country”.


During the academic year there are vacations as specified in the school calendar. These vacations are not to be extended or anticipated. ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY ON THE OPENING DAY AFTER EACH VACATION and the week before the vacations and examinations. The students who do not abide by this rule expose themselves to disciplinary action.
Those who are absent on the opening day after each vacation will be fined. The names of those who absent themselves for 10 continuous calendar days after the reopening of the school will be struck off the register even if the child was present on the Holidays may not be anticipated or extended. Unauthorized absence before vacation and delayed return to school after the vacation will mean readmission to the school.