Principal Speaks

Principal Speaks

The purpose of education in general and primary education in particular is to give our children adequate confidence in themselves, to inculcate in them a set of values that would make them responsible citizens and balanced people, in addition to, giving them skills in reading, writing and analyzing.

We have this faith constantly in mind that the students we accompany today are our future and therefore we can at no point stop believing in them and our duty to walk with them towards excellence.

Maintaining an orderly environment, getting students out of high school, helping them to get into colleges and winning a few awards are no longer good enough. We want our students to graduate from high school, be ready to enter college or start a career and have a world class knowledge and skill. We are working towards a common goal – providing our students the best education possible.

We have made every effort to design our education system in such a manner so as to give opportunities and exposure to the students to develop various skills believing that creativity is the backbone of any individual who desires success. Creativity is the ability to look at whatever one does in a different way. If we apply our mind and think of may options that we did not think before, we would be pleasantly surprised at the range of options that are available to us which we had not considered feasible. Though creativity does not guarantee success, the probability of success is very high.

Fr. Jose Maathew Thekkel, TOR